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    Toikka birds - fuglar

    Nappula - blómapottar & fleira

    Leimu - lampar


    Ultima Thule visakastykki 47 x 70 cm

    Legend Tapio Wirkkala was a multi-talented design genius regarded as the pioneer of modern Finnish industrial art. Internationally recognized for his glass designs, Wirkkala’s greatest inspiration always came from his native Finland. Wirkkala defied the rules of glassblowing with his iconic Ultima Thule collection. Inspired by ice and snow, Wirkkala spent nearly a thousand hours with the glassblowers at the Iittala Glass Factory, to recreate a unique slice of Nordic nature. Inspired by Ultima Thule’s iconic design, the Ultima Thule tea towel bring a piece of arctic nature to the table. Grey highlights the elegant pattern. 100% high quality linen. Machine washable.