Toikka birds - fuglar

    Nappula - blómapottar & fleira

    Leimu - lampar


    Alvar Aalto skál 50 x 182 mm

    Inspired by his native Finnish landscape, legendary designer Alvar Aalto’s iconic waves (“aalto” in Finnish) have become his creative signature from architecture to glass. Since winning the Paris World Fair in 1937, the iconic shape stands as a timeless symbol of modern Scandinavian design. Perfectly combining function and sculpture, the bowl’s warm metallic shade takes inspiration from Aalto’s architecture where copper handles and rails were essential details. The rose gold coated surface is reminiscent of premium champagne. The Aalto bowl is a versatile addition to any table setting or as a piece of interior decoration. Ideal for serving dry foods like nuts and candies or as a gift idea