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Jasper Morrison – Objects and Atmosphere

The exhibition at Design Lab Gallery at Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, Helsinki is open from September 8th until November 11th, 2018.

Jasper Morrison – Objects and Atmosphere exhibition is curated by Jasper Morrison himself. The exhibition displays objects that he has created throughout his illustrious career and a film A World without Words.

Jasper Morrison is a leading designer, considered to be one of the most accomplished product designers of his generation. Born in London in 1959, he graduated in Design from Kingston Polytechnic in 1982. He followed this with a Master's at the Royal College of Art, and a year at Berlin’s HdK art school on a scholarship.

Morrison’s work has influenced the development of products used by millions of people. He is best known for his work in furniture, lighting, electrical products and tableware.

Jasper Morrison believes that the role of the designer is not to invent form, but rather to be open to the surrounding world, adapting objects for new purposes “through hard analysis, or, more satisfyingly, intuition and chance”. He is especially interested in those everyday objects that continue to serve their purpose well in a form that has often been created by an anonymous designer. He admires “the mysterious quality and naturalness which anonymous objects, free of their author’s ego, so often have”. He sees such anonymous objects as a reminder for designers that “in the real world an object depends on its long-term usefulness for survival”.

Jasper Morrison's design philosophy finds a common ground with Iittala's design philosophy;

to create objects which by their progressive and functional, yet aesthetically pleasing design become timeless and will never be thrown away. Iittala believes that good design is always designed with thought and function in mind and made available for everyone.

Iittala is proud to present the exhibition Jasper Morrison – Objects and Atmosphere in Design Lab Gallery at the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre to give thought to what really is essential in creating atmospheres. The aim of Iittala & Arabia Design Centre is to enhance discussion on the role of design.

The collaboration between Iittala and Jasper Morrison will be launched in October 2018.