Toikka birds - fuglar

Nappula - blómapottar & fleira

Leimu - lampar

Meet the team behind Teema Tiimi

Iittala’s iconic Teema tableware range was created in 1952 by the master of Finnish everyday design, Kaj Franck. When designed, it was a revolutionary concept: uni-coloured, simplified objects were created in opposition to the decorative, full dinner sets that predominated at the time. The smallest details ensure each dish is perfect for use, multi-functional, stackable and suitable for everyday use as well as festive occasions.  

The new Teema Tiimi complements the classic range and is designed for Asian cuisine. The name refers to the classic range Teema (translating as ‘theme’ in Finnish) and to the design process: Teema Tiimi (Tiimi being the word for ‘team’) has been a collaborative work between young, talented designers and the Iittala design team.